Malaika Tabors


In her practice Malaika integrates Japanese Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy and other manual therapies, as well as her knowledge and experience from Physical Therapy.

The sessions are individually tailored and typically begin with a base of acupuncture treatment in order to balance and relax a patients' deep systems, plus addressing the primary patient issues. This is followed by Craniosacral Therapy or other "hands-on" treatment to continue to address connective tissue/muscular level imbalances.

Malaika appreciates this layering of therapies for their ability to enable patients to mobilize and heal a wide range of issues, even several issues simultaneously. Manual therapy on its own, or acupressure treatment is also possible, depending on patient preferences and/or sensitivities.

"Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture" is also offered, it is a system for the direct and natural treatment of wrinkles and other facial issues with tiny acupuncture needles while receiving a regular acupuncture treatment. A series of treatments is recommended, although results usually clearly seen with the first treatment!

Malaika also has a long history of movement practices (gymnastics, dance, tai chi, qi gong and yoga). She brings this experience to her acupuncture practice through the safe encouragement of activities for her patients, and through the understanding of athletes and their specific issues.

Session of 60-70 minutes, cost $100
Facial acupuncture treatment and manual-only treatments, cost $120

Please call for an appointment or with any questions, 617-875-7070


Pure Balance Holistic Healing

Dr. Krystal Lynn Couture, PT


Dr. Krystal is a physical therapist and massage therapist that designs holistic treatment methods for her clients based upon her advanced training in: Trigger Point Dry Needling, Craniosacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Osteopathic Manipulation, Resistance Flexibility, Mashing/Barefoot Walking, Endocrine Attunement, and BARS - Access Consciousness.

Dr. Krystal is a passionate healer and believes in a comprehensive approach to healing, which incorporates sessions, bodywork, stretching programs, meditation, journaling and dedication to oneself. Clients that benefit most from Dr. Krystal’s sessions are ready to get to know themselves on the deepest level, let go of barriers and restrictive patterns and experience life fully. 

My greatest passion is to facilitate your healing process by creating an opportunity for you to develop self awareness, express yourself, and move forward free of physical and emotional restriction. Your body has the magnificent ability to heal itself in every way, I am here to assist you in this life changing process. It is my belief that we each possess the consciousness to create the life that we desire most.

Sessions are available for 60 minutes - $120 or 90 minutes - $170.   603-387-3347

Private Yoga / Yoga Therapy

Manny Muros


A private yoga class is a great way to receive individualized attention specific to your needs and desires. Working at your own pace you can address injuries or areas of chronic challenge, master a particular pose, or develop a program to practice at home. 

$90 per hour

Please contact us for an appointment or with any questions 978-255-3175 or email