Colin Bragdon 

Colin teaches meditation, energy practices, and yogic philosophy.  

After finishing my education at NYU in real estate development and fine art photography, I moved to Perth, Australia as a first step on the road less traveled. From the antipodes to Southeast Asia, I began a nomadic life, spending several years exploring ashrams in Malaysia and Thailand, biking barefoot on back roads across Vietnam, building wooden boats in New Zealand, and learning the precious stone trade in Sri Lanka.

This new life led to the Path, and immersed me in a variety of spiritual studies. I spent over six years studying vedantic traditions and philosophies, kundalini and hatha yoga, kashmir shaivism, and multiform practices of meditation. These teachings involved both energy and non-energy, giving me great enjoyment and a sense of well being. I look forward to sharing these experiences and knowledge with those interested in exploring their own. Contact him by texting: (978) 675-6454.

Susan Bynorth

I discovered yoga in the Intro to Yoga series in 2010. Every word felt like it was meant for my ears - every teaching was a personal invitation for self-reflection, healing and growth.

Practicing over the next few years with many gifted teachers sparked Susan’s transformational journey, planted a seed of deep gratitude for the practice and ignited her passion to share yoga with others - leading her to study Ashaya® Yoga with Todd Norian in 2015.

With an emphasis on consciously building a pose from the inside out, Susan teaches the general principles of softening through the breath, engaging mind and body, practicing optimal physical alignment and expanding energetically to allow every asana to become a full expression of your unique being. She offers various ways to create a pose – and welcomes the release of judgment that one version of a pose has more or less value than another. She invites you to create a deeply inward practice - reinforcing ‘self’ as the ultimate teacher.

As you practice yoga, you repeat a journey to the center of your being, every time you align your breath, body and mind you are uniquely centered - tapped into the wisdom, beauty and joy of your own heart – unlimited, full and free.


Amy Cameron

Amy is a 200-hr Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor with a Master of Arts in Teaching, and is currently working towards her 500-hr level certification.  Her passion is helping people to experience yoga, pranayama and meditation as tools for self-transformation and to make these tools accessible to anyone. She encourages students to modify poses to fit their own individual needs and to incorporate their yoga practice into their everyday lives.

"I had my first yoga experience while traveling in India in 2001. That first sun salutation lit something up inside me, and yoga has been an important part of my life ever since. My teaching draws from a number of styles, but I particularly embrace Kripalu's emphasis on practicing compassionate, non-judgmental awareness of body and mind, both on and off the mat."

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Ann D'Alessandro

Ann discovered the gift of yoga in 1999. She is now a certified instructor (200 hour level) whose teaching borrows from her background in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Anusara-Inspired™ training. Ann considers herself an eternal yoga student with an endless thirst for expanding her practice and her teaching in new and interesting ways. She is grateful for the opportunity share the great gift of this practice with others.

"The beauty of yoga lies in its ability to connect us to our true selves with love, acceptance and grace."

Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer feels strongly that yoga should be accessible to all people. This feeling is manifested in her lessons as she encourages modification of postures to each individual’s ability. She guides her students to open their bodies as well as their minds and hearts, while encouraging healthy alignment and flowing breath. Her classes always feature lots of stretching & strength while keeping the energy light. Her joyful spirit, kind heart & love for teaching will inspire your practice. She teaches a blend of Hatha styles inspired by Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga & Anusara. She has studied under Ana Brett & Ravi Singh, Kristen McGee, & Kathryn Budig. She trained at Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs, GA under Graham Fowler & Ursula Nix.

Yoga allows us to explore our bodies and our souls. Sharing this experience with others is why I love teaching. The Yoga Center provides a peaceful, welcoming, non-judgmental space for everyone to explore.

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Ree Coleman

Ree teaches Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan and The Bates Method Natural Vision Improvement for healthier eyes and vision. 

Kundalini Yoga - The Yoga of Awareness as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an empowering practice of yoga kriyas, mudra, breath work, mantra, deep meditation and relaxation allowing you to experience deeper harmony and balance into a state of relaxed bliss. The power of practice helps each person, class by class, step by step, to clear out accumulated stress and uncover the natural source of energy and light within. 

The Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement is a 1920’s practice of William H. Bates M.D. who attributed nearly all sight problems to habitual strain of the eyes, and felt that glasses were harmful and never necessary.  After an eye disease with related eye surgeries, Ree trained as a teacher for The Bates Method and has helped students identify and reduce habitual strain and learn new vision habits.  This allows the visual system to relax — oftentimes results in happier, healthier, clearer eyes and vision. Ree has had tremendous personal success in improving her vision from 20/400 to 20/40 over a number of years.   

Ree's Certifications: The Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement, K.R.I. Kundalini Yoga Instructor (200+ RYT), Radiant Child Yoga Level I Instructor, Reiki Master Practitioner, Brain Gym II and Touch for Health I.   She is passionate about wellness, nutrition, essential oils, movement, dancing and gardening. Ree’s love of yoga began in her teens, blossomed during work day lunchtime classes in Boston, and culminated in completion of KRI Instructor Training at the Millis Mass. Ashram in 1998.  She would love to share her joyous practice of yoga and chanting with you.

Susan Masson

Susan has been practicing yoga since 2000. Her journey began enthusiastically addicted to the physical challenges of the asanas.  As the years went by ,Susan discovered that yoga is much more than a physical practice.  Heryogic path had turned into a spiritual awakening. This shift in her life inspired her to become a certified yoga instructor.

In May of 2016, Susan successfully completed a 200 hour teacher training program with Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya yoga. Ashaya in sanskrit means “abode of the heart”.  This method combines alignment techniques with a focus on an uplifting life enhancing theme to the class.

Join Susan as she teaches from her heart, in a kind, compassionate, loving manner in an authentic way in order to create a safe environment for her students.  As every day in life is different and unique so are her classes.

I want to share as much as I can with my students to cultivate a more caring planet. A planet unity and peace.


Ashley Matthews

Ashley a RYT200, began teaching yoga in 2011, and was inspired by an Indian and Asian philosophy class in college. Her dharma as a yoga teacher became clear when one of her regular students confided that attending her classes helped in her battle with depression. With a lifelong connection to the Atlantic Ocean, Ashley incorporates the teachings of resilience, patience, and impermanence into her yoga classes and also leads corporate classes in mindfulness meditation, pranayama, and asana.

My classes are a collection and reinterpretation of all of the teachers, stories, and poetry I have come across. To commit to our practice is to commit to our highest truth, where we can operate from a place of ease, light, and the love that we truly are.

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Manny Muros

Manny, Director of the Yoga Center of Newburyport. He is a certified practitioner of Thai Yoga Bodywork and Reiki I and II and is designated as an Anusara-Inspired™ Yoga teacher. He teaches Asana, Meditation and Yogic philosophy.

Manny began his devotional meditation practice in 1995 as a way to balance his life, and began his study of yoga in 1998. His teaching style blends his study and practice of many spiritual pursuits - including contact and partner yoga, transformational breathwork, A Course in Miracles, and microchakra psychology, among many others. This diverse background gives him a keen awareness of the many available paths which lead to self-realization. Manny's website is

Since my early childhood, I have known that there was more to life than meets the eye. I have always been intrigued by how life works, and the larger reasons for being. My life’s purpose became the study, practice, and teaching of spiritual practices that lead to self-awareness and self realization.

There are many roads leading to our own center and it is my deepest desire to help others to become free: to break away from the limitations we place on ourselves and others and to fully blossom into the beautiful and divine being waiting to come out.

Life is not simply meant to be endured - it can be a magical journey of exploration and celebration!


Brendon Nay

Brendon's Light shines brightly. As a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, and Teacher of Sanskrit Mantra, he steeps himself in these ancient healing practices daily.

He was raised in Boxford, where he spent much of his time enjoying the peaceful woods, and playing classical woodwind instruments. He noticed early on that the peace he enjoyed from playing music was similar to that which he found in nature. This awareness of the presence of healing energy ignited a curiosity within which led him to learn about the life of the Buddha, and to begin a meditation practice at the age of 10.

This early introduction to meditation, combined with his rigorous classical music training and deep connection to the Earth would eventually 'tip the scales' for Brendon. A powerful and intimate experience with Sanskrit mantra early in his yoga teacher training led Brendon to his mantra teacher and Reiki Master, Theresa Thompson. Brendon studied mantra and Reiki with Theresa for several years at the International Institute for Practical Spirituality. He's since studied with many other great teachers including Bill Barry, Stephen Harrington, and Namadeva Acharya, Thomas Ashley-Farrand.

Brendon is honored to share his Light and joyful practice with the Yoga Center of Newburyport.

Love is our birthplace, our final refuge and our reason for being.
If we recognize that compassion and love are the ultimate destination of our search, the heart of the Universe itself responds.”

-Namadeva Acharya/Thomas Ashley-Farrand


Dick Northey

I began my serious yoga practice when I returned aching all over from a long hike after being away from the high mountains for decades working. In May 2014 I completed my teacher training with Todd Norian of Ashaya Yoga, a well known teacher who trained in the Kripalu, Anusara and Iyengar traditions. My yoga experience has been way more than just another exercise!! The personal benefits of yoga for me have been astounding.

Rose Russo 

Rose teaches Ongoing Yoga, as well as the Easy Does It Yoga class, for those working on improving their mobility. Rose is a graphic designer, fine artist, Reiki Master and healer in Newburyport, and is registered as an Anusara-Inspired™ Yoga teacher. She completed her first yoga teacher training at the Anahata Integrated Yoga Teacher Training with Chris Morton and Pam Britton and completed a 300 hour Anusara™ Yoga Teacher Training with Todd Norian and Ann Greene.

My interest in yoga came after I had major surgery. During my recovery, I found yoga to be the perfect way to stretch my body, strengthen it and calm my mind, all at the same time. I began to reconstruct a positive relationship with my body and tapped into my body’s natural healing abilities. Today, I teach from that incredible experience of discovery.