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Sacred Circle Dance in the Name of Love


Let us join hearts and hands to dance in the essence of love. 

“Love is the activation of your spirit reaching out to make connections. It overcomes grief, harbors no ill will and heals all separation.”   Innerlinks **

You are invited to join hands with friends, families and neighbor in circles, lines and spirals of traditional and newly crafted village dances from around the world. Bring your life experience, curiosity, and desire to learn the stories of - and personally explore - these simple and timeless dances.  Sacred Circle Dance invites us into healing and wholeness; for ourselves, our community and the people, places and situations around the world in need of healing grace.

Each dance will be taught, no experience required

We will dance on soft maple wooden floor, barefoot/sox/soft soled indoor slippers/no shoes allowed.

$15 Donation Please

Reservations requested: 

Ellen Kennedy 978-388-8604

Ellen is a Scared Circle Dancer; trained and certified at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland.   Locally, she has taught Sacred Circle Dance (SCD) at the Nock Middle School, River Valley Charter School, Kindermusic, Salem State College, and Northern Essex Community College. Ellen founded the MT Holyoke College Sacred Circle Dance Troupe, directing it for four years. She has developed, organized and led SCD workshops, trainings, events and retreats in the US, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland,  Iceland, S. Korea and Israel. Ellen is an International Peace Activist, recently dancing for peace at the Syrian Border and the US Naval Base in S. Korea offering a grandmother’s love and compassion.  She  lives in Newbury and delights in her five grandchildren.