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Karma Yoga - The law that guides our lives

Law of Karma / KARMA YOGA

with Ravi Nathwani

The word "karma" means action. If it is action that creates then karma is the force of creation. The cosmic law of Karma can help us in understanding the meaning behind the constant change that we call LIFE. 

All life is but an evolutionary process of accepting and embracing the events in our lives as we move towards a higher consciousness. Every cycle of cause and effect is an invitation to accept and surrender. 

While action is performed with an eye to gaining happiness. What is the secret of being happy? How does one behave with dignity and grace such that harmony and ease of being is the result? 

KARMA YOGA of the BHAGVAD GITA and other "karma" concepts shall be the focus of these interactive discussions. The idea of fate and free will be explored.

Cost: $30members / $35non-members

Earlier Event: May 14
Kirtan with the Prema Bhakti Band