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Shiva Lila Kirtan

Shiva Lila is more than a spectacle to see. Their life is dedicated to the ancient teachings of yoga. Vashi Kaya Kalpa, the foundation of their devotion. They come from the Hridaya Hermitage an Ashram nestled in Maine.

Open you heart and soul and prepare to journey with them as they chant and play tribal beats. Combining Indian chants with heart pounding percussion Shiva Lila is a Kirtan group like no other! At times melodiously uplifting singing to the Divine Mother Shakti thus, drawing out the primal rhythms as they chant to Shiva, the wild Yogi who practices in the high peaks of the Himalayas - Shiva Lila will have you blissed out and on your feet! 

If Kirtan is new to you, this is a great chance to check it out. 

All are welcome!